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The Some Things Are Better Outside kit has great tools to help you create a Smoke-free Home. In addition to information about the dangers of smoking inside your house or apartment, the kit includes an informative 5-step guide to make the transition easier and a booklet with ten common challenges and solutions. REVIEW THE 5-STEPS!

Five step guide to a Smoke-Free Home booklet:

This booklet includes steps, tips and strategies for planning, making, and keeping a smoke-free home.

Smoke-Free Homes Kit  

Reasons to Have a Smoke-Free Home:

This provides a list of reasons to have a smoke-free home rule.

Smoke-Free Homes Kit

Smoke-Free Homes Kit


Set a positive tone for your new smoke-free home with a collection of window clings, signs and stickers, which are also great ways for kids to get involved in the process. We also have a pledge to serve as a nice reminder of your commitment to a smoke-free home.


A full page of stickers is provided and can be used, for example, on ashtrays and cigarette packs reminding smokers of their smoke-free home rule. They can also serve as reminders when placed in areas where household members frequently smoke.

Smoke-Free Homes


These tear-off Smoke-Free Homes signs can be posted as reminders to residents and visitors of the smoke-free home rule. They contain a sticky adhesive on the backside that can be easily applied and removed from surfaces.

Smoke-Free Homes Kit


Those interested in making their home smoke free can use the pledge card to select a date and commit to making the home smoke free.

Smoke-Free Homes Kit

Smoke-Free Homes Kit


Our kit also includes a newsletter with testimonials and success stories, a fact sheet about thirdhand smoke, and a short Comic Book photo story about going smoke free.


Testimonials and success stories highlight people who initiated a rule, tips to keeping a smoke-free home, and reasons for making the change.

Smoke-Free Homes Kit

Comic Book:

This story provides information on secondhand smoke and its dangers, and illustrates how to have a conversation with the smoker in the home, how to find ways of making smoking outside easier, and how to celebrate being smoke-free.

Smoke-Free Homes Kit

Thirdhand Smoke:

This provides more information on thirdhand smoke.

Thirdhand Smoke

Challenges & Solutions:

This provides more information on the challenges and solutions to going smoke-free.

Challenges & Solutions

Smoke-Free Homes Kit


Foster Care Kit

Smoke-Free Homes Kit

Thank you for your interest in our Smoke-Free Homes Kit!


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